Movers and Shakers (season 1 & 2)

Movers and Shakers 1:
(created by Sailesh Dave, Produced by In-House Productions for Sony entertainment TV in its first season - 1998-2000) had almost 600 plus episodes as a daily. In the year, 1998, Movers & Shakers was considered a pioneering show ushering in the era of late night talk show format for the first time in India.

From its first episode, the show became a huge hit redefining non-fiction topical entertainment. Movers and Shakers was the first time that Indian audiences were exposed to the late night stand up show format.

During the height of its success, the show became a talking point for leading politicians and celebrities of India vying to be invited as guests on the show.

Movers and Shakers 2 :
SAB TV, part of the Sony Entertainment Network, decided to revive the brand after a hiatus of 12 years! The show aired for around six months, five days/week.