The Great Indian comedy Show

The Great Indian Comedy Show - TGICS - (Created by Sailesh Dave, produced by Contiloe films, for Star One Monday-Thursday 10.30 PM between November 2004 to May 2006. 300+ episodes.)

TGICS was a unique format blending topical Standup comedy with irreverent sketches with the finest comedy talent available from writers to actors. TGICS redefined short format humor and maximized the potential of sketch comedies. At an average of 4 sketches per episodes in one typical year, TGICS produced a staggering 800 plus sketches.

From its production logistics to creative challenges, TGICS was a remarkable achievement for Indian TV. TGICS spoofed every aspect of Indian and global events from politicians to bad movies to eccentric film stars and pompous socialites.

TGICS was a reflection of pop Indian culture and an innovative TV comedy.